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Week of Sept 24, 2017 Looking forward to our class T-shirts!!!! Make sure you sent your payment in... This week Friday is our first FUN NIGHT!!! It starts right at the end of the school day and ends at 5:00pm. Be sure to be at school to pick up your child at 5:00 pm. Treat Day is Friday!!!! Check on-line to make sure your payment and order went through! PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD'S ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK PAGE AND DAILY CALENDAR...You need to be signing that page each and every night. Thank you!

Posted : 2017-09-24 | Due on : 2017-09-25


This week we will be working on singular and plural nouns. We will focus on "UNUSUAL" plural nouns as well: Goose/geese, mouse/mice, etc.

Posted : 2017-09-24 | Due on : 2017-09-25

READING: We are reading from our text this week, and the story is titled: Teacher's Pets

We will be working on story elements throughout the week and will be discussing the importance of the setting and the plot.
Vocabulary words are: wonderful, noises, quiet, sprinkled, share, noticed, bursting, suddenly.

Posted : 2017-09-24 | Due on : 2017-09-25


We will be working on map skills this week. Students will learn about a compass rose, how to tell directions on a map page, and draw a diagram of their own neighborhood as well.

Posted : 2017-09-24 | Due on : 2017-09-25

SPELLING: Words this week have the short vowel sounds of i, e, and u, but have long vowel sounds of a and i as well. Vocabulary words from reading are included on the test.

This week in class


9:35 MUSIC 10:10 P.E.


9:35 MUSIC 10:10 P.E.


10:10 P.E. Library 1:55 pm ART (during Art Weeks) 2:20


10:10 P.E. TECH 1:10 -2:10


10:10 P.E.


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Important Dates

  • September 3, 2017 : Hot Lunch and Treat Day FORMS
    If you want your child to enjoy Hot Lunch or Treat Day goodies, send in complete forms and payment as soon as you can!
  • September 18, 2017 : CLASS T-Shirt Order Form and Payment Due
    T-Shirt forms and payment ($10.00 per shirt - extra for adult sizes) must be sent to school BEFORE we order the shirts. If you sent in the FORM but NOT the payment, we cannot place your order. Thank you in advance! We will wear our t-shirts on Tuesdays (T-Shirt Tuesday), and on field trips throughout the school year.
  • September 20, 2017 : BOOK FAIR
    The very popular Scholastic Book Fair will take place on September 20. PLEASE feel free to send in money (checks or cash), marked in an envelope with your child's name on it, (WITH THE AMOUNT you wish your child to spend) BEFORE the day of the FAIR.
  • September 29, 2017 : ACTIVITY NIGHT
    HOURS HAVE CHANGED FOR ACTIVITY NIGHTS!!!! The NEW hours are from 3:30 - 5:00 pm. PLEASE SEND IN the Activity Night Form as soon as you can!

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