Outerwear Guidelines

  •   NO Coats
    •   NO Jackets
      •   NO Gloves
        •   NO Sunglasses
          •   NO Hats
            •   NO Other Head Coverings
              •   The above may be worn when the student is directly leaving or entering the building.


                Hooded sweatshirts, track jacket


                Puffy jacket, winter gloves, sunglasses, knitted beanie, baseball cap

                Lower Body Guidelines

                •    NO sagging shorts of pants
                  •   NO pants or jeans with holes above the knee
                    •   NO pajama pants
                      •   Pants must be securely fastened at the waist
                        •   Skirts and shorts must be to the fingertips regardless of additional legwear underneath
                          •   Students need to be covered from the shoulder to the mid-thigh region


                            Jeans with belt, denim shorts with hem at knee, varying styles of long pants without holes or decoration


                            Mini skirt, cutoff shorts, leggings, distressed jeans with holes, yoga pants, sagging jeans, flannel pajama pants

                            Upper Body Guidelines

                            •   NO Tube tops
                              •   NO Halters
                                •   NO See-through shirts
                                  •   NO Mesh shirts
                                    •   NO Tank tops
                                      •   NO Sleeveless shirts
                                        •   NO Crop tops
                                          •   Exposure of cleavage or midriff


                                            Any shirt that meets these three guidelines:

                                            • Neckline must be no more than 3" from the collarbone
                                              • Clothing covers from the shoulder down
                                                • Shows no cleavage or skin


                                                  Tank top, halter top, strapless shirt, v-neck tee, cutoff shirt, mesh shirt

                                                  Footwear Guidelines

                                                  •   NO Shoes with built-in wheels
                                                    •   NO Slippers
                                                      •   NO Shoes that cause markings or damage floors
                                                        •   Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times
                                                          •   Shoes with backs are preferred
                                                            •   Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times
                                                              •   Shoes with backs are preferred


                                                                Converse sneakers, boat shoes, athletic shoes, ballet flats, moccasins, Ugg boots


                                                                Flip flops, gladiator sandals, t-strap sandals, backless slippers, slides, slipper boots

                                                                Bag Guidelines

                                                                •   Backpacks or large bags/purses are not allowed in the classroom unless an accommodation is noted
                                                                  •   If books can fit into the bag, it is unable to be used in the classroom
                                                                    •   Backpacks or large bags/purses are allowed to be brought TO AND FROM school
                                                                      •   All belongings must fit into the student's assigned location (i.e., locker, coat rack, cubby)

                                                                        Appropriate for Classroom:

                                                                        Small crossbody purses, drawstring bag, pencil case

                                                                        Inappropriate for Classroom:

                                                                        Full-size backpack, messenger bag, large tote