Dr. Julian Rogus School

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  19900 S. 80th Avenue, Tinley Park, IL, 60487
 Phone (815) 464-2285


Principal: Maura Carroll
Assistant Principal: Stephanie Gary

  School Hours

Office Hours: 8:00am-3:55pm
Teacher Hours: 8:10am-3:10pm
Student Hours: 8:20am to 2:50pm*
Half-Day Student Hours: 8:20am-11:30am
* Activity Dismissal: 3:55pm


Thank you for visiting the Hilda Walker Intermediate School website! Hilda Walker Intermediate serves students in 5th and 6th grade. Please navigate through our website for information about our school, announcements, and special events. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our school office.

Important Handouts & Information



Parents and guardians are reminded that prompt and regular attendance at school is extremely important. At the same time, a child that is ill should not be in school, since this may result in further impairment of their health or the exposure of other children and staff to a communicable disease. We ask all parents to work in collaboration with us to make sure students are not ill while in attendance. We also encourage every effort to have children in school each day they are able to attend.

  •   Absence Reporting
    •   When your child is absent from school, you are required to notify the school office to report your child’s absence before the start of the school day. Staff will be on duty to take these calls beginning at 7:30 AM each day. You may also leave a detailed message reporting your student’s absence on our school attendance line if you call outside of our normal office hours. Please be sure to contact our school attendance line for every absence. Emailing teachers directly is not sufficient to report an absence.
    •   Failure to telephone in an absence each day that a child is out of school by one hour after the attendance bell (9:20 AM for Walker School) will result in a telephone call the same day. Calls will continue to be made to the parent/guardian and all emergency contacts until the student’s location can be verified. Failure to contact the school shall result in an unexcused absence and possible well-being check by local authorities.
    •   It is considered “best practice” to provide the school with a note from your health care provider for illnesses with absences over three days.
    •   Regarding tardiness to school, after the ninth instance of tardiness, a note may be required, or some suitable school-based intervention or disciplinary action may be taken.
  •   Make-up Work Requests
    •   Assignments missed due to absence will be given one day per absence plus one day. Requests for homework should be given to the school office before 11 A.M. and picked up at the school at the end of the school day (no later than 3:55 PM).
  •   Vacation
    •   Vacations are considered unexcused absences. Assignments missed due to vacation will be given one day per day of absence plus one day. Homework will be provided to the student upon return from vacation.

Arrival & Dismissal

  •   Students should arrive between 8:10 AM - 8:20 AM.
    •   Buses will arrive and dismiss at the rear of the building and will enter and exit through Doors 14 and 15.
      •   Car-riders will arrive and dismiss at the front of the building through Door 1.
        •   Student dismissal begins at 2:50 PM.
          •   Student dismissal for after-school activities is at 3:55 PM.
            •   2021-2022 HW Arrival/Dismissal Traffic Plan

              PBIS at Walker

              •   At Walker we are proud to be a PBIS (Postive Behavior Interventions and Supports) School! Our three core expectations are: Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe. These ideals guide us in all we do. They are the Walker Way! At Walker, we will spend time each month focusing on various themes and reviewing our school-wide expectations. Our students will have the opportunity to earn Paws for following the Walker Way. They are able to spend these Paws in our monthly school store, Pawmart, on PBIS Popcorn days, and in other raffle and celebration opportunities that will arise across our school year.