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Mrs. Lori Coverick - 2nd  (Send e-mail)

Spelling words for test on Friday October 24th:
learn, earn, pearl, search, research, earth, early, Mr. Mrs. Dr. Jan. Aug. Dec. Tues. Wed.
October 27 - 31:

Reading/ Social Studies:
-We will be working on our musical practicing fluency and studying different aspects of Thanksgiving.
-If time allows we will read a couple of non-fiction selections from our reading books about plants. ("From Seed to Plant" and "The Secret Life of Trees".)
-Skipping AR quizzes this week.

Spelling: sprout, streams, through, strong, strap, springtime, spray, throat, three, ostrich, pioneers, clearing, air, different, light
STUDY HARD...difficult words!

Science/ Language: We will be researching and writing our animal reports.

Math: Measurement, Math Facts, time, Money, regrouping when adding and subtracting

Red Ribbon Week: We will be learning about making healthy choices and saying NO to drugs. We will also be doing some writing about it.
Here are some of our themes for each day:
-Monday: Too Bright to do Drugs/ wear neon colors and sunglasses.
-Tuesday: Give Drugs the Boot/ Wear cowboy/ cowgirl attire.
-Wednesday: Lei Off Drugs: Students wear Hawaiian clothes
-Thursday: Healthy from Head to Tow: Wear Crazy hats and silly socks.
-Friday: Scare Away Drugs: Students can wear costumes to school.

Please be sure to have your child practicing on Study Island as much as possible from home. It is a program that has been PROVEN to help students learn at an accelerated pace when used properly and often.

A Few notes about Halloween:
-Rogus Fall Festival and Annual Halloween Parade will be on Friday, October 31, 2014.
-The 1st through 4th Grade Parade will be from 1:15-1:30.
-1st/2nd Grade Party will be from 1:40-2:20.
-Parents will NOT be allowed to sign out students after the parties. Volunteers will leave after volunteering and students will go home as they usually do.
-PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY CANDY INTO SCHOOL. IT IS NOT ALLOWED AND STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PASS IT OUT. Also, please do not send in any trinkets or treats at all for Halloween. -Thank you.

Math Fact Practice:
Please have your child go on xtramath.org daily to practice their math facts. You can write the time down on their logs that they are practicing on this website. If they finish a session, they can always log off and log back on in the same day. They will need either your email address that you used to sign them up or my email address which is lcoverick@summithill.org
They will type their first name.
Then they will need their pin number.
Every time a student passes an operation they will receive a certificate and a rubber ducky as their reward!
Thank you for your support.

We have a date for our Thanksgiving Musical, “The Turkeys are Going on Strike!” Our musical will be on Friday, November 21st. To allow for ample space, we will be having two different musicals for the parents. The parents of the girls will be invited to the 10:15 AM performance. The parents of the boys will be invited to the 11:15 performance. Please arrive five minutes early and check in at the office. You will need your driver’s license or a state ID. Then you will be directed to the Art room.

This week in class

P.E. (Wear Gym Shoes.)
Bookmobile (See schedule that was sent home.)

Art or Technology

P.E. (Wear Gym Shoes.)

Spelling Sentences due (most weeks)

P.E. (Wear Gym Shoes.)
Reading/ Math Logs due

Downloads List

Classroom Management [8/15/2014]
Logs/ All About Me/ Birthdays [8/15/2014]
Snacks and Water bottles [8/16/2014]
spellinglist1_8_26_2009_1_02_57_PM.pdf [8/21/2010]
spellinglist2_8_26_2009_1_03_25_PM.pdf [8/21/2010]
spellinglist3_8_26_2009_1_03_43_PM.pdf [8/21/2010]

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