Parent Information

Registration Information

Kindergarten Registration Drive

Parents may register their child in person at the District Administrative Center, 20100 South Spruce Drive, Frankfort.

  • Parents will need to present an official birth certificate (with certification seal from the county).
  • Students must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2016.
  • If applicable, proof of legal custody would include presentation of a court order or decree for legal guardianship, proof of legal custody through public aid documents, or proof of foster care.
Enrollment options:
  • Extended day program: 8:45 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. Registration: $150.
  • Half-day program: 8:45 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. Registration: $125.
  • Yearly milk may be purchased as well.

Upon completion of residency verification, parents will be given a username and password to access the online registration form. Parents can pay the registration fee online via credit/debit card. Payment plans are included in the registration form. For additional information, please call 815-469-9103. Bus transportation assignments will be available through PowerSchool in mid-August.

Re-registration of students for 2016-17 School Year

Re-registration is available online for students in grades 1-8. Registration may also be completed in person at the District Administrative Center, 20100 South Spruce Drive, Frankfort.

Registration Information
  • Go to then enter your child's Access ID and Password.
  • During online re-registration, current student information is confirmed and updated.
Online Payment
  • The re-registration fee for 2016-17 is $130 through May 29 for students in grades 1-8.
  • Beginning May 30, the fee is $150.
  • Online payment with a credit card is available.
  • The District will continue to accommodate those who do not wish to pay online. These individuals may go online to complete the re-registration form and then come to the Administrative Center, 20100 South Spruce Drive, in Frankfort, to pay by check or cash.
  • A payment plan is available.

Please note that the District will continue to cross check current family addresses with its residency software program. The District plans to complete its parent database cross check prior to the start of the 2016-17 school year. By doing so, a family who may not be residents would be required to enroll in their resident school district rather than starting the year in District 161.

Technology Vision

Our vision for students to develop technological competencies needed in today's global society.

Student Health

Information about physical, immunization, and screening requirements for district students.

Handbooks & Rules

Parent handbooks for district, band, supply lists, and dress & appearance code.

Virtual Backpack

Summit Hill is committed to "going green" to save paper; flyers can be posted here.

Vision for Technology

Technology in support of educational improvement

Our vision is that students will develop the technological competencies needed to become productive members of our global society. To achieve this, we will build and support a learning environment that is reliable, effective, and evolutionary.


  • commit to using technology and understand it is central to how we teach and learn;
  • create powerful learning environments using research-based strategies that effectively use technology;
  • integrate technology standards into all areas of the curriculum through a collaborative model;
  • provide ongoing and sustained professional development to achieve educator proficiency with effective teaching and learning practices; and
  • use resources efficiently and strategically to ensure productivity and fiscal responsibility.

Student Health

By law, all children entering school for the first time and all sixth graders must present evidence of recent physical and dental examinations and of immunizations against certain diseases. Such examination is to be conducted within one year prior to these entry situations. Students transferring to Summit Hill School District also must present records, either by transferring them from the former school or by providing new records. Students who do not meet compliance requirements by the first day of student attendance of each year will be excluded from school until obligations are satisfied.

Physical, Dental, and Vision/Eye Exams

Illinois law requires that prior to entering kindergarten and sixth grade, and those entering school for the first time and all students transferring from outside of Illinois must present evidence of a completed physical exam and required immunizations. Students will be excluded from school if the physical exam has not been completed or if the required immunizations are not documented.

A dental exam also is mandated for students in kindergarten, second, and sixth grade. Completed dental exams are due to your child's school by May 15th of the school year.

A vision/eye exam is required for all students enrolling in kindergarten and students enrolling in Illinois schools for the first time.

New Immunization Requirement

Numerous outbreaks of pertussis (whooping cough) have occurred recently among school children in Illinois. Pertussis is easily transmitted through coughing and sneezing and may cause an illness that persists for weeks to months. In an effort to protect children from complications, and to help prevent this illness, ISBE and IDPH have determined that a booster vaccination (called Tdap) is recommended for all students in grades six through twelve.

Students entering sixth and ninth grade will be required to provide proof of Tdap vaccination along with the school physical forms that are also required for these grades.

Students in these grades without one of the following will be subject to exclusion:

  • Proof of Tdap vaccination
  • An approved medical or religious exemption on file with the school,
  • An appointment to receive the Tdap shot during the school year.

See the "Frequently Asked Questions about the Tdap Vaccine Requirement" for more information.

Administration of Medication

Medication can be administered only with a signed physician's order which is part of the District's medication form. This policy is inclusive of both prescription and over the counter medications.

Medications must be brought to school by the parent/guardian in the original, properly labeled container.

Only the nurse or a school administrator can administer medicine to a student.

Athletic Eligibility Physical

Students who want to participate in the Athletic Programs Grades 5-8 must complete an Athletics Eligibility Form. All sections, including exam by physician, must be completed and signed in order for a student to tryout or participate in a sport. The exam is valid for one calendar year.

District Wellness Policy

Student wellness, including good nutrition and physical activity, shall be promoted in the District's educational program, school activities, and meal programs. This policy shall be interpreted consistently with Section 204 of the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004.

Vision and Hearing Screening

Screening Dates for 2016-2017 school year:

SchoolScreening DatesRescreening
Arbury HillsNov. 16, 2016 Nov. 30, 2016
Frankfort SquareNov. 9, 2016 Nov. 29, 2016
Indian TrailNov. 3, 4, 7 2016Nov. 18, 2016
SHJHDec. 16 & 19, 2016Jan. 12, 2017
Dr. Julian RogusJan. 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 2017Feb. 3, 6, 7, 8, 2017
WalkerFeb. 13 & 14, 2017Feb. 23, 2017

Hearing & Vision IEP/Evaluation Dates

  • September 7
  • October 5
  • November 1
  • December 7
  • January 11
  • February 1
  • March 1
  • April 5
  • May 3

Screening will be done by District 161 nursing staff and will take place in the fall.

Vision and Hearing screening tests shall be conducted in accordance with the Department's rules titled Hearing Screening (77Ill. Adm. Code 675) and Vision Screening (77Ill. Adm. Code 685).

Vision screening shall be provided annually by Summit Hill School District 161 for:

  • All preschool children 3 years of age or older.
  • All school age children who are in kindergarten, second and eighth grades; in all special education classes; referred by teachers; and transfer students.

"Vision Screening is not a substitute for a complete eye exam and vision evaluation by an eye doctor. Your child is not required to undergo this vision screening if an optometrist or ophthalmologist has completed and signed a report form indication that an examination has been administered within the previous 12 months." (Section 27-8.1 of the School Code)

Hearing screening shall be provided annually by Summit Hill School District 161 for:

  • All preschool children three years of age or older.
  • All school age children who are in grades K (kindergarten), 1, 2, and 3;
  • are in any special education class;
  • have been referred by a teacher;
  • or are transfer students.

Parent Handbooks

Parent/Student Handbook

Outlines rules, regulations and procedures for District 161 schools.
Parent Handbook Signature Sheet

Band Handbook

Answers questions and outlines expectations for students participating in the band program.

Supply Lists

Pre-K/K Individualized Instruction Programs Supply List

Student-Specific Supplies (please label):
1 STANDARD SIZE back pack (No wheels, child must be able to fit a full size folder inside and close it on their own)
1 change of clothes
Pull-ups and wipes (if needed)
Daily healthy snack/drink
Daily lunchThe EC/K Individualized Instruction class needs snack and lunch daily (microwave and refrigerator available)
Consumable Supplies (please do not label, these supplies will be shared):
1 box of Ziploc bagsAM: Sandwich Size
PM: Gallon Size
1 bottle liquid anti-bacterial hand soap
2 rolls of paper towels (may need to be replenished during the school year)
1 pack of page protectors (25 or more)
1 red poly (plastic) folder with prongs
1 blue poly (plastic) folder with prongs
1 yellow poly (plastic) folder with prongs
1 green poly (plastic) folder with prongs
1 one inch binder
Can of shaving cream (cream not gel)
Fiskars scissors
1 pack of colored note cards
1 pack Dry Erase markers (low odor)
1 package of construction paper
AM Only: 1 box of markersPlease select from this list: bold, neon, glitter, or metallic markers, stamper markers, thin markers, fabric markers, pip squeak markers, window markers, gel markers, tricolor markers, rainbow connector markers
PM Only: 1 box of crayonsPlease select from this list: triangular crayons, twistable crayons, metallic, glitter, or neon crayons, dry erase crayons, fabric crayons, twistable slick sticks, window crayons

Kindergarten Supply List

3 rolls paper towels
2 large containers of pre-moistened disposable wipes
2 large boxes of Kleenex
1 box of small zip-lock bags (any brand)
1 box of large zip-lock bags (any brand)
1 package multi-colored heavy construction paper (9" x 12")
1 package multi-colored heavy construction paper (12" x 18")
3 bottles of hand sanitizer
8 Glue Sticks
1 package of regular size pencils (yellow #2) pre-sharpened pencils
2 bottles White Elmer's School Glue (8 oz.)
1 pencil sharpener with a lid (preferably 2 holes for crayon sharpening)
1 box colored pencils (12 count)
1 plastic pencil/supply box (8"x5" space maker)
1 pair Fiskars children's scissors
2 pocket folders (with pockets at the bottom only)
4 fine tip BLACK Expo dry erase markers
1 eraser for dry erase markers
4 boxes - 8 Crayola Standard Color Crayons (regular size crayons-not large)
1 package broad tip Crayola Classic Color Washable Markers (no more than 10)
1 8-color paint tray washable water colors
1 backpack or school bag (large enough to carry folder, library books, and lunch box)
1 set of quality headphones (no buds)
BOYS: 1 package of cotton balls
GIRLS: 1 package large paper plates
  • indicates items to be labeled with child's name
  • Students need gym shoes on gym days.
  • Please send only those items listed above.
  • Crayons, markers, pencils, and glue will need to be replaced as they are used (this may be several times during the year)

Grades 1-4 Supply List

Supplies Needed Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4
Construction paper multi-color (9x12)2 Pkgs.1 Pkg.1 Pkg.1 Pkg.
Colored Pencils0001 box
Crayons (maximum 24)3 boxes2 boxes1 box1 box
Dry Erase Markers (low odor)4444
Dry Erase Eraser1111
Eraser Mate pens (blue or black)0002
Erasers (Pink, not pencil top)2212
Glue bottles (no colors) Elmers2 (8 oz.)1 (8 oz.)1 (8 oz.)1 (8 oz.)
Glue sticks8647
Hand Sanitizer (16 oz.)1111
Highlighters124 4
Index cards size 3x5300200200200
Loose leaf paper (not college rule)002 Pkgs.2 Pkgs.
Markers (washable broad tip)1 set 1 set 1 set1 set
Paper Towels1 roll1 roll1 roll1 roll
Pencils No. 2 (24) (sharpened)2 Pkgs.3 Pkgs.3 Pkgs.2 Pkgs.
Pencil Case (no boxes)1111
2-pocket folders (solid colors only)5555
Red Pens0022
Ruler (inches and centimeters)1111
Scissors (pointed Fiskars)1 pair1 pair1 pair1 pair
Spiral notebooks (single-subject not college rule)0356
Scotch Tape 1111
USB Thumb/flash drive with a minimum of 2GB0111
2 inch 3 Ring Binder0010
Wet wipes (antibacterial, unscented)2 containers2 containers2 containers2 containers
Gallon Ziploc bags1 box1 box1 box1 box
Quart Ziploc bags1 box1 box1 box1 box
  • Book Bag & Gym shoes with laces and or velcro are required for grades 1, 2, 3, & 4. Gym shoes may not have black soles.
  • Please label ALL supplies with first and last name. All individual crayons and markers need to be labeled.
  • Some supplies may need to be replenished during the school year.
  • NO Trapper Keepers
  • 1st & 2nd grade only wants "classic" colors of markers.
  • 4 different colors

Grades 5 & 6

Supplies Needed Grade 5 Grade 6
Calculator Texas Instrument Model TI-30X IIS11
Dictionary (Webster's New World)1 Softbound1 Softbound
Thesaurus1 Softbound1 Softbound
Dry Erase Marker (EXPO)1 package of 41 package of 4
Dry Erase Eraser11
Eraser Mate pens (Blue or Black only)1 package1 package
Glue (White, Liquid) / Glue Sticks1 Bottle, 4 Sticks1 Bottle, 4 Sticks
Graph paper 4sq. in. 11 x 8.5 (non-spiral) Boys – 1 pack Boys – 1 pack
Highlighters (different colors)4 highlighters4 highlighters
Index Cards Girls – 1 pkg. 3x5
Boys – 1 pkg. 4x6
Girls – 1 pkg. 3x5
Boys – 1 pkg. 4x6
Loose-leaf notebook paper4 packages4 packages
Permanent Marker (BLACK Sharpie)11
Crayons1 box of 241 box of 24
Markers1 set broad & 1 set thin tip1 set broad & 1 set thin tip
Colored Pencils1 package1 package
Pencils #2 with erasers1 Dozen1 Dozen
Pens (red)1 package1 package
Post it notes 3 x 333
Protractor (Clear plastic see-through)11
Ruler with metric/inches11
Scotch Tape3 rolls3 rolls
Spiral Notebooks8 single8 single OR
2 Five-subject
Pencil Pouch11
Expandable Organizer w/no less than 8 Pockets
-OR- Binder with 8 folders
Pocket Folders55
Standard 8 GB Flash Drive11
Plastic Clear Shoebox with lid (6 quarts)11
Ear Buds/Head Phones11
Paper Towels1 roll1 roll
Hand Sanitizer11


Oil pastels- Cray Pas Jr. artist 12 setSketching pencil (Ebony)Roll of 1 inch masking tape
Paint set of Prang Watercolors-8 colors with brush1 - white eraser (Magic Rub)


  • Please bring in supplies by or on the first day of school. Monthly replenishing of certain items may be necessary.
  • Individual teachers may require a few additional supplies for their classroom.
  • All students will need a pair of indoor athletic footwear (i.e. court shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes, cross training shoes) for physical education classes.
  • Novels for purchase will be communicated with you on Curriculum Expectations Night as well as being posted on teacher websites.
  • Remember to check individual staff pages for more information regarding supplies.

Grades 7 & 8

Supplies Needed Quantity Bring to:
GRADE 8 Calculator
 Texas Instruments Model TI-30X
1Math, Science
GRADE 7 Calculator
 Texas Instruments Model 108 or basic four function calculator
1Math, Science
8 GB Flash Drive1LA, Science, Encore
Ear Buds or inexpensive headphones1All, as needed
Colored Markers (pkg)1Art, Science, Soc. St.
(Pkg) Filler Paper (wide rule)4All, as needed
Folders (2 pocket)4 PE, Science, Soc. St., Spanish, Encore-3
Folders (2 pocket pronged)4 LA-3, Math-1, Encore
Glue Stick3 Art-2, Science-1, Spanish-2
(Pkg) Graph Paper (1/4")2Math, Science
Box - Assorted Highlighters 1All, as needed
(Pkg) Index Cards (3x5)6All, as needed
Box - #2 Pencils2All, as needed
Box - Pens (blue/black)2All, as needed
Box - Pens (red)1All, as needed
Box - Assorted Dry Erase Markers w/ Eraser1 Math
Ruler (metric/ standard)1Math, Science
Scissors1All, as needed
Single-subject Spiral Notebooks (wide rule)8 Art-1, PE-1, LA-3, Math-1, Spanish-1
Three-subject Spiral Notebook1Science
(Pkg) - Post-it Notes (2 7/8" x 2 7/8" 2 Science-1, Encore-1
(Pkg) - Post-itNotes (1 1/2" x 2"5 LA-4, Encore-1
Pencil Sharpener with cover1All, as needed
1 1/2 in. Three-ring Binder1Math
1 in. Black Three-ring Binder1 Band
Clear page protectors (Pkg)1 Band
Flat binder pencil case1 Band
Paper towelScience
Kleenex Boxes2All, as needed
Freezer bags re-closeable Girls – 1 box gallon size
Boys – 1 box quart size
  • Please adjust the amount of supplies based on student enrollment in Spanish, Encore, or Band.
  • 8th Grade Only - Hardcover Binder (with dividers) or Accordion File
  • Physical Education, All Students - 1 Gym Suit (purchased at SHJH $15), 1 pair Non‐marking sole shoes
  • Spanish Class Only - 1 Pocket English/Spanish Dictionary

The above are estimates of the supply needs for the year.  Please do not send all of the supplies during the first week of school.  Students may put supplies in their lockers during Schedule Pick‐up Day in August.  Monthly replenishing of certain supplies may be necessary.  Certain projects and activities may require additional supplies.