District 161 Virtual Backpack

Summit Hill District 161 is doing its part to "go green" by changing the way flyers are distributed to students. In the past, paper copies were sent home. With the launch of our Virtual Backpack, District 161 is introducing an eco-friendly online distribution system that saves resources and time required to sort and handle materials.

GradeOrganizationFlyer DescriptionDate PostedDate to be Removed
Boy and Girls Ages 4-13 Chicago Fire Juniors South Soccer Firestarters Indoor Soccer Registration 10/20/2014 12/1/2014 
Parents Parent Advisory Council LWASE 5th Annual Parent University 10/14/2014 11/3/2014 
K - 8th grade Girl Scouts Girl Scouts Scarecrow Fest 10/14/2014 10/27/2014 
k - 8th Girl Scouts Girl Scouts of greater Chicago and norhtwest Indiana 10/14/2014 11/1/2014 
Families Brookfield Zoo 'Things to do at Brookfield Zoo' Fall/Winter 2014 10/9/2014 1/1/2015 
Community Lincoln Way North Athletic Boosters Chili Cook-Off 10/9/2014 10/27/2014 
5th Grade Tinley Park Police D.A.R.E. Roller Skating Party: 5th grade D.A.R.E. Students 10/8/2014 10/21/2014 
Families KidsWork Children's Museum KidsWork Children's Museum Funtastic Fridays 10/8/2014 11/1/2014 
Kindergarten - 4th grade SHJH Cheerleaders "Little Spartan" Cheerleading Clinic/Performance 9/24/2014 11/18/2014 
1st - 4th grade Students Summit Hill Hilda Walker Athletic Boosters SH/HW Athletic Boosters BiddyBasketball 9/16/2014 10/26/2014 
3 years - Adults Lincolnway Special Recreation Association LWSRA's Fall 2014 Brochure 8/12/2014 12/30/2014 

To submit a flyer for posting: please e-mail mgraff@summithill.org. Attach a copy of the flyer in PDF format. Please note your requested dates for posting and the grade levels you would like to target.

The following criteria will apply to materials submitted for posting on the District 161 website:

1. The organization requesting posting must be a non-profit group (501c3) based
    in the Summit Hill School District 161 community or its contiguous communities.
2. The request must be made at least 5 business days prior to posting.
3. The District retains the right to determine the date material is posted and
    removed. Material will not be posted during winter, spring, or summer breaks.
4. The material may not contain any of the following:
•  Any direct solicitation of money or other items of value except for dues for
    membership or fees for an activity announced in the materials;
•  Anything that would cause substantial disruption of the orderly operation of
    the school or its activities;
•  Personal information about persons other than those seeking distribution;
•  Material which is defamatory or insulting to any group or individual;
•  Material which is vulgar or otherwise socially inappropriate;
•  Material dealing with issues of human sexuality;
•  Material which is commercial in nature, except as related to approved school
    fundraising or activities or services supportive of school-sponsored activities;
•  Material that would violative any law or Board policy;
•  Material which is political in nature or in conflict with tax-supported efforts
    in effect.

Materials posted on this page are for informational purposes only. Endorsement by Summit Hill District 161 is neither direct or implied.

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