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Posted : 2017-10-06 | Due on : 2069-12-31

Chapter 4 Essay Questions

These are the essay questions that will appear on Chapter 4 Test. You may research them and practice writing them, however, you may not bring them into class pre written

Posted : 2017-08-30 | Due on : 2017-09-01

Science Safety Labs Due signed and returned

This week in class


10/23- S.S. -0 Finish Chapter 5 sect 1 and start Chapter 5 section 2 

10/23- Science- Volume Lab 

10/30 Social Studies- working in class on Boston Massacre newspaper article 

10/30- Density Lab- using candy corn and candy pumpkins.

11/6- Social Studies Finish Chapter 5 Section 3 - see downloadale notes- I.A.N. pages 63,64,65,67

11/6- Metric Test- written and individual Lab portion of the test 

11/13- Chapter 5 Review finish and go over in class 

11/13- Science- virtual microscope lab 



10/24- S.S. Identify with the people and timeline of events that lead up to the Boston Massacre 


10/24- Science- Volume lab continued 

10/31- Finishing up newspaper write up- following rubric- look in download section for rubric :) 

10/31- finishing denisty lab and write up

11/7- Social Studies - Chapter 5 Section 4 - I.A.N. Pages 70-73 

11/7- Finish Metric Test- written and lab 

11/14- Social Studies- Capter 5 review game- my Kahoot interactive game is available in my downloads for interactive review-enjoy :) 

11/14- Microscope letter e lab 


10/25- S.S.- begin investigation of Boston Massacre and who the guilt lies with the colonists or the British soldiers 

10/25 Science- Temp and Density 


11/1- Chapter 5 Section 2 - look at downloads for interactive notebook notes 

11/1- Metric Review - Test next week 

11/8- Social Studies- Timeline of events to Revolution 

11/8- Science- Microscope Powerpoint and notes 

11/15- Social Studies- Road to Revolution ESCAPE ROOM 

11/15- Science- Letter e write up 


10/26- S.S. finish moving through stations looking at primary and secondary sources and identifying with bias and fact and opinion


10/26- Science -


11/2- Social Studies- review homework and start Chapter 5 section 3 - see notes in downloads 

11/2- Metric Review for test the following week 

11/9- Social Studies- Continued Time line 

11/9- Science- Microscope I.A.N. label and color label the microscope for homework 

11/16- Social Studies- Chapter 5 Test 

11/16- Pond Water Lab 


11/3- Social Studies - Chaper 5 section 4 

11/3 - Science - Metric review game 

11/10- Social Studies- Chapter 5 review 

11/10- Science- Microscope GIZMO 

11/17- Social Studies- Finish Chapter 5 Test Pre- Test Chapter 6 

11/17- Science- Pond Water write up on computers - bring flash drives 


To sign in to get all REMIND update on the REMIND APP - 

Social Studies - Text to: 81010 enter @7h9h2a 

Science- Text to: 81010 enter @ae766b


Important Dates

  • November 16, 2017 : Chapter 5 Social Studies Test

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