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Music, PE






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Mrs. Cissell’s Circular  

                                                September 25th – 29th, 2017

This Week’s Lessons:

Reading:  Over the next two weeks we’ll be reading The Power of W.O.W.! which is a play.  Our target skill is determining the theme of a story and our target strategy is analyzing and evaluating
what we’re reading.  We will also begin our third writing assignment for the year, which will be writing a fictional narrative. 


Vocabulary words:  assist, burglaries, innocent, scheme, regretfully, misjudged, suspect, favor, speculated, prior

Language (English & Spelling):  We’ll be looking into fragments and run-on sentences.

            Spelling: (short and long o) Our test will be next Friday.


Block, shown, oatmeal, wrote, fellow, scold, coast, odd, locate, slope, throat, host, online, shock, solve, known, remote, stock, boast, globe

                        Challenge Words: bonus, approach, motion, continent, accomplish


Math:  We’ll continue our chapter “Multiplying by One-Digit Numbers.” This week we will be multiplying 2 digit numbers with regrouping.   It is so important for your child to know their basic multiplication facts through 12 x 12 in order to be successful with multiplication in fourth grade. 

Social Studies:  We’re going to wrap-up our Lewis and Clark unit.  A study guide will be completed and will go home on Thursday for our test on Friday.

Science:  We’ll be moving onto a new scope called Sensory Receptors so we’re going to have fun activities for the students which involve using their senses.


Important Dates:

Tuesday: Math - Mid Chapter Quiz

Friday:  Social Studies Test

                  Homework Party!!


Link for parent resources:

We are always interested in having our parents in the classroom, so if you would like to come in to talk to the class about your job or hobby, we would love to have you.  This invitation is open to grandparents, aunts, and uncles as well.  Please contact me at school or through my email to set up a date and time.  J

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