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Second Grade Newsletter

September 18-22, 2017


Reading: We read the humorous fiction story, Diary of a Spider.  Through the funny diary entries of Spider, we learned some facts about our eight legged friends!  We also read about Spider’s family, friends, school, and favorite places.  Our supplemental story was the fable A Swallow and a Spider, which was written as a read-aloud “reader’s theater” format (aka a play).  We discussed cause and effect (telling how one event makes another happen) and context clues.  We reviewed long o and long u sounds, as well as hard and soft sounds for g.   Our grammar skill for this week was nouns (words that name a person, animal, place, or thing).


Math:  We started chapter 2 this week, which is about numbers to 1,000.  We reviewed how 10 tens equals 1 hundred and we reviewed the value of digits in the hundreds, tens, and ones place.  We also drew quick pictures of 3-digit numbers.  We will continue this chapter next week.


*Remember you can log into if your child is having difficulty with a concept.  There are videos on the website that show you step-by-step instructions.  **This past week we reviewed Chapter 2, Lessons 1, 2, 3 and 4  if you are trying to look up the lessons online**


Spelling-This week we our spelling words were over the long u and o sound.  They followed the VCe pattern (vowel, consonant, silent e pattern).  **Next week (the week of September 25) we will NOT have a spelling test.


Dates to Remember/Homework:

*Please note the slight change in the homework schedule this week.

Monday, September 25 –Homework: Math worksheet

Tuesday, September 26-- Homework: Poetry folder

Wednesday, September 27- -Donations for our Apple Festival are due today.  Make sure your child brings in an apple for tomorrow’s Apple Festival!  Homework: Math worksheet

Thursday, September 28-- Second Grade Apple Festival today! Homework: Read Johnny Appleseed *Bring back the packet tomorrow!

Friday, September 29 –- Vocabulary and comprehension tests on Johnny Appleseed today.  Happy Friday!  Enjoy the weekend!


If you would like to donate any of the following items, please send them in with your child.  This year, the second grade teachers are asking for the following:

-Any COLOR copier paper (*no white paper please)


*Continue to look for items that need to be donated to our classrooms throughout the school year.  Thank you!


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