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Be respectful, Be responsible, Be safe

 November 13-17


READING: What Do Illustrators Do? And Jack Draws a Beanstalk TEST THURSDAY

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How do pictures help to tell a story?

READING TARGETS: Students will use text and Graphic features, sequence events and analyze/evaluate the text for deeper meaning.

READING VOCABULARY: imagine, tools, illustrate, scribbles, sketches, tracing, research, textures

STELLAR SPELLER LIST: penny, pennies, empty, emptied, party, parties, family, families, mystery, mysteries, discover, discoveries, marry, married, carry, carries, company, companies, diary, diaries TEST FRIDAY

   T.T.T. and Alternate Packet are due on THURSDAY

ALTERNATE SPELLING LIST: braille, sandwich, saxophone, bloomers, tweed, guppy, titanic, Ferris wheel, limerick, jovial   TEST THURSDAY

MATH: Chapter 6 Understand Division TEST TUESDAY

Multiplication Quizzes: X5 Quiz WEDNESDAY.  There will be 100 problems on the quiz.  Students will have six minutes to complete the quiz with 70% or better.  They will be given three total chances to achieve this goal.  We will practice extensively in the classroom.  For some students, this will be enough.  For others, practice at home will be necessary.

ENGLISH: Five Paragraph Writing and  VERBS                                                   

SCIENCE:  Objects in Motion  TEST THURSDAY         Image result for thanksgiving clip art                      

SOCIAL STUDIES: Chapter 2: Life in the Colonies



STUDENT OF THE WEEK: Congratulations Jack!

 Parent-Teacher Conference Questionnaire:  I want to maximize our time together during Parent-Teacher conferences.  To do that, I sent a questionnaire for you to fill out and return on or before Wednesday, November 15.  Thank you!

UNFUNDRAISER CONTINUES!!!!:  Our ITSCO group is extending the fundraiser until Friday, December 1.  If you can donate any amount, it would be most appreciated.  The money collected benefits students. THE WINNING CLASSROOM GETS A PIZZA PARTY!!!

***BOOK-IT:  November BOOK-IT due on or before Thursday, November 30st***

Clothing and the Weather:  Please be sure your child comes prepared for the weather. 

Our schedule: Monday PE, Tuesday PE, Technology, and Library, Wednesday PE and ART every other week, Thursday PE, and Music, Friday PE and Music.

***We have PE each morning at 9:00.  Be sure your child has his or her gym shoes on when they enter the building. ****


November Birthdays

Jack 11/21 and Dalton 11/30

If you choose to bring treats, please ensure they are considered healthy by the standards set by the state of Illinois and our school board.  The list is available in our district handbook.  Some items to consider are pencils, erasers, or stickers.   We have 23 students in our classroom


~AVIC: ART Volunteers In the Classroom: Mrs. Messina and Mrs. Schultz will be leading our class in another art lesson Friday, November 17.


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