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Parent Night Power Point


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Attracting Wildlife Landscaping Design Project


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Mrs. Maranto’s Weekly News

November 13, 2017


Homeroom: Parent Conferences are next Monday and Tuesday.  Conference sign up is available on the district website.  Please, contact me if you are having difficulty getting signed up.


Reading:  This week the students will continue learning about character traits and using what they learned the main character to determine the theme of a story.  Our vocabulary skills will focus on figurative language and understanding adages and proverbs.


Language Arts:  Students will finish their fall poetry projects and create a word document using their favorite poem.


Spelling: We are on lesson 9 this week.  This list focuses on compound words.  The posttest will be on Friday.


Math:  The children will explore relationships between decimal place values and whole numbers.


Social Studies: The summative assessment over chapter 7 lessens 1 and 2 will be on Tuesday.


Science:  This week we will begin a new chapter on food chains and the transfer of energy within an ecosystem.  They will work in a group on a problem-based learning activity in which they will create a landscape design plan for a local park.


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