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- I just wanted to welcome everyone to a brand new school year. At Indian Trail, we are going to exhibit respectful, responsible, and safe character traits. Students believe, achieve, and lead. This is the TRAIL WAY!


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Library P.E.


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Music P.E.


Important Dates

Mon., Nov. 13th AVIC – Art Volunteers in the Classroom

Fri., Nov. 17th SCO Hot Lunch (if purchased) and Hawaiian Day for our class

Mon., Nov. 20th and Tues., Nov. 21st – NO SCHOOL – Parent/Guardian Teacher Conferences

Wed., Nov. 22nd through Fri., Nov. 24th – NO SCHOOL – Holiday Break

Fri., Nov. 24th – Scholastic Book Orders Due Online


The Unfundraiser has been extended to Friday, December 1st!!!  Please donate if you can!  Currently we have 15% student participation.  Each student who gives a donation will receive a Scout frisbee.  In addition, for each $25 donation, the student will receive a raffle ticket ($75 donation = 3 tickets) for a chance to win many fun prizes.  Some prizes are as follows: chance to throw a pie at a teacher, 20 pizza with the principal winners, 10 free activity night admission passes, and a pair of reserved seats and a reserved parking spot for the Winter Program!!!

Last week, we enjoyed our Blazer Party game day on Friday for having letters leftover from the Late Strip – Trailblazers!  This Monday we kick off the week with AVIC – Art Volunteers in the Classroom!

*Don’t forget to keep up with your Book-It calendars!  Our goal is 20 minutes a night of reading for five days a week.  It can be weekends if some weeknights are busy.

**We will be participating in Fun Fridays in the classroom.  This Friday will be Hawaiian day!  Get out fun floral shirts, leis or fun necklaces, grass skirts, etc.

***Just a friendly reminder to please make sure students have their lunch and if for some reason students forget, please have lunches sent to the office by 12:30 P.M.


For the week of Nov. 13 – Nov. 17, here is a tentative schedule for Skrobanski’s Superheroes:

Reading- We will complete our story: Journey Series – The Life and Times of the Ant.  The genre is informational text.  We will work on the target skills and vocabulary as a whole and within our groups.  The essential question from our story is “How do living things each have an important role in the world?”  We will focus on text and graphic features, explain scientific concepts and ideas, and focus on author’s purpose.  We will be learning about the following suffixes:

-able and -ible (both mean “able to be” or “inclined to be”).  Each story will take roughly two weeks.  We will generally take our summative vocabulary one day and the summative story test the following day.  The vocabulary and comprehension summative grades will be choice board projects this week.  We will work on them in class Thursday and Friday.  Students will be able to pick an activity/summative project choice that appeals to them on a choice board.  Students will continuously be checking their daily assignment planner and have various formative assessments to practice understanding.


Target Skills


Text and Graphic Features

Explain Scientific Ideas and Concepts

Author’s Purpose


Target Vocabulary












The Life and Times of the Ant Spelling List-for 2 weeks

Right now, we have 20 words.  Students may choose to include challenge words as well (25).  The spelling formative tests and summative test will be this week.























English- We will focus on participles.  We will learn about present and past participles as well as participial phrases.  Our participle grammar test will be this Friday.  We will also work on opinion writing.


Math- This week we will be continuing Chapter 2: Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers.  We will have our 2.5 – 2.8 Summative Test on Friday.  We will work on 2.8 (multiply using mental math) and 2.9 (problem solving – multistep multiplication problems) as well as review for Friday’s summative test.


*We are going to be using a program called XtraMath to increase speed and accuracy in arithmetic.  Each student is invited to spend a few minutes each day practicing math on a computer, tablet, or phone.


*Students are also able to utilize under my teacher webpage a site called mathantics.  Students already have the username and password to help review classwork and do some extra practice to prepare for summative assessment(s).


Social Studies- This week, we will focus on Westward Expansion, particularly the Trail of Tears.  We will focus on the Indian Removal Act of 1830 and the difficult march the Native Americans had to endure when forced to leave their land.  We will take the summative test Thursday this week so as not to have too many tests on Friday!  This will be the last week of Social Studies for a while.  We will be switching to science next!


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call (815) 469-6993 or email me at  I am looking forward to seeing you at conferences!

Have a great week!


Mrs. Rudofsk

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