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Students/parents; find weekly assignments under newsletter section! As fourth graders I feel the students should be learning responsibility with their assignment notebook. Therefore, they are responsible for writing down their assignments and gathering their materials at the end of the day. I will not be checking and signing everyone's notebook. If you feel your child needs help with their organization, please contact me. John Buchanan Arbury Hills Elementary School 19651 Beechnut Drive Mokena, IL 60448 708 479-2106

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This week in class


Physical Education {10:50-11:25} Music {1:50-2:25}


Physical Education {10:50-11:25} Music {1:50-2:25}


Physical Education {10:50-11:25}


Technology Integration {9:05-10:05} Physical Education {10:50-11:25} Library {11:40-12:00}


Physical Education {10:50-11:25} Art {9:40-10:15 every other Friday}


The following information is for week ending 09/29/17:

Reading/ELA: This week's story is entitled," My Brother Martin". It is a biography of Martin Luther King written by his sister. It tells the story of Dr. King as a young boy. The essential question asks; what might lead a person to try to change the world? The vocabulary words include: injustice, numerous, segregation, nourishing, captured, dream, encounters, preferred, recall, and example. The grammar component targets the different kinds of sentences, and their endmarks. The writing portion works on narrative writing, and word choice. This week we will be focusing on short and long e sounds.

Spelling: Students will be expected to spell each word in the sentence correctly; along with correct capitalization and punctuation.  The pretest will be on Tuesday and the post-test will be on Friday.  Any student receiving a 100% on the pretest will not have to take the post-test. (Thank you Lexi!)

  1. I know everyone on my block.
  2. Bob has shown he is talented.
  3. I like to eat hot oatmeal.
  4. Amy wrote a note to her aunt.
  5. Mr. Buchanan is a friendly fellow.
  6. I had to scold my brother. 
  7. We drove along the coast.
  8. We learned about odd and even numbers in math class.
  9. I need to locate the library.
  10. I can sled on a snowy slope.


We will continue working on chapter 2, the essential question asks, " What strategies can you use to multiply by 1-digit numbers?"   Please, continue to work on your math mulltiplication facts!!


We will be analyzing the differentiation in plants and animals that allow them to survive and meet their basic needs. We will be experimenting on plants and their water transportation system. The test will be on Thursday. The English naturalist Charles Darwin realized over 150 years ago that physical features (structures) and how they are used (functions) took many generations to develop. He observed that those species of animals and plants that were able to survive and reproduce were those that had best adapted to the challenges of their environments. He called this process through which adaptation occurs “natural selection.”

Social Studies:

 We will continue our westward expansion journey by discussing the importance of The Louisiana Purchase, and its impact on the future of the USA. We will begin to map Lewis and Clark’s route, as well as discuss the reason for their expedition. We will learn of Sacajawea and her contributions. The test will be either Friday or Monday of the next week.


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