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Mrs. Francie Boss

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Student Attendance: 9:00 - 3:30


Students/parents; find weekly assignments under newsletter section! As fourth graders I feel the students should be learning responsibility with their assignment notebook. Therefore, they are responsible for writing down their assignments and gathering their materials at the end of the day. I will not be checking and signing everyone's notebook. If you feel your child needs help with their organization, please contact me. John Buchanan Arbury Hills Elementary School 19651 Beechnut Drive Mokena, IL 60448 708 479-2106

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This week in class


Physical Education {10:50-11:25} Music {1:50-2:25}


Physical Education {10:50-11:25} Music {1:50-2:25}


Physical Education {10:50-11:25}


Technology Integration {9:05-10:05} Physical Education {10:50-11:25} Library {11:40-12:00}


Physical Education {10:50-11:25} Art {9:40-10:15 every other Friday}


The following information is for week ending 12/01/17.


 Our story is 

Spelling: Students will be expected to spell each word in the sentence correctly; along with correct capitalization and punctuation.  The pretest will be on Monday and the post-test will be on Friday. Any student that receives a 100 on the pretest will not take the post test. 

  1. The teacher read a story aloud.
  2. A hat keeps a bald head warm.
  3. The hawk circled the sky.
  4. The town is just south of here.
  5. I forgot to turn the faucet off.
  6. Her mother was proud of her.
  7. The crab had lost a claw.
  8. A bird sat on top of the tower.
  9. Tigers stalk their prey for days.
  10. The couple were newlyweds.


We continue  Chapter 4 Divide by 1-Digit Numbers. Our essential question is how can you divide by 1-digit numbers? Chapter Vocabulary: compatible numbers, multiple, partial quotient, remainder, dividend, and divisor. Your children should be able to divide using the following methods: model, partial quotient, and traditional.



Social Studies: 

We will continue our Westward Expansion unit, focusing on the Oregon Trail. Also, we will read, ":Westward Expansion". We will be finishing up the Gold Rush.





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