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First Grade News with Mrs. Sobczak

September 22, 2017

What’s New?
The children earned their first marble party!  Anytime the whole class is working together to follow expectations, I put a marble in our marble jar.  When we reach 20 marbles, the class gets to vote on how to celebrate.  Yesterday they voted to have an extra recess, so that is what we did yesterday afternoon.  Now we started our whole marble jar over again.  I am so proud of them for achieving their goal! A note came home today about Johnny Appleseed’s birthday.  Please remember to send in an apple on Tuesday.  I also sent home the new list of words for the next three stories in our Journeys book.  Please keep that list somewhere safe to refer to it.

We read Curious George Goes to School.  The focus skill was sequencing, telling what happened first, next, and last. We created our own Curious George and wrote a summary of what happened in the story.  They look cute hanging in our hallway.  Because this was the last story on your list of stories at home, I will be quizzing the children on the high frequency words from the first three stories on Monday. We will start Guided Reading and centers the first week of October.


We have been working on subtraction strategies.  This is a little more challenging for the children to remember to subtract instead of add.  This is a short chapter so the test will be on Thursday.  I will send a study sheet home the night before.


We learned what a verb is.  We brainstormed a lot of verbs that show action.  When Mrs. Fifer came in for tech integration, we made a picture of Curious George doing something and then we wrote a sentence about it. We also learned what a homophone is.  These are words that are spelled the same but have different meanings like the word bat.  It can be used to hit a ball or it can be an animal.


We learned about schools from long ago.  We learned that there was one teacher for all different aged children in a one-room schoolhouse.  We learned the children brought their lunches in baskets or buckets.  We also learned one of the games they played at recess was marbles.  Then our class went out and learned to play marbles.


We will learn about our five senses next week with our Johnny Appleseed unit.

Have a great weekend!




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