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Dana Wright

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Student Attendance: 9:00 - 3:30

WELCOME TO MRS. DROP'S CLASS!!! Please know that our classroom is a PEANUT FREE ZONE!!!


Daily Home Practice/Review: 1. Students are to read daily for at least 20 minutes. 2. Read the stories of the week. 3. Practice/review all Words to Know. 4. Practice/review all spelling words. 5. Review for Comprehension Test. 6. Review for Vocabulary Test. 7. Review for Phonics Test. 8. Review for Words to Know Test. 9. Practice for Spelling Test. 10. To promote math fluency, please help your child memorize addition facts through 20 and subtraction facts through 20. 11. Be sure to review all work sent home in the Homework Folder.

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This week in class


*Physical Education (gym shoes)

*Show and Tell - Group: Monday

*Student Reader - Group: Monday

*Homework: Language Arts



*Physical Education (gym shoes)


*Show and Tell - Group: Tuesday

*Student Reader - Group: Tuesday

*Homework: Math




*Physical Education (gym shoes)

*Show and Tell - Group: Wednesday

*Student Reader - Group: Wednesday


*Homework: Math



*Physical Education (gym shoes)


*Show and Tell - Group: Thursday

*Student Reader - Group: Thursday

*Homework:  Review for assessments.





*Art (every other week)

*Physical Education (gym shoes)

*Show and Tell - Group: Friday

*Readers - Group: Friday

*Spelling Packet and Word Mats are due today.

*Homework: Memorize math facts, read a favorite book, and enjoy the weekend!



                                             Week of: February 19, 2018

                        "Indian Trail students are respectful, responsible, and safe."

                                                           Contact Info:
                                                (815) 469-6993 Ext. #1148
Stories of the Week:  Tomas Rivera  and Life Then and Now
Words to Know: done, great, laugh, paper, soon, talk, were, work
Phonics: Vowel Pairs oa, ow; Contractions ‘ve, ‘re; Phonogram –ow, -oat
Fluency: Intonation
Comprehension: Sequence of Events; Using Context; Monitor/Clarify
Writing: Personal Narrative 
Spelling Words: show, row, grow, low, blow, snow, boat, coat, road, toad
Grammar: Future Tense
Vocabulary: Synonyms
Weekly Assessments: Spelling Test, Comprehension Test, Vocabulary Test, Phonics Test, Math Facts, Chapter 5 Math Test
Addition and Subtraction
Presidents’ Day
Parts of Animals
*Please do not pack knives/cutting utensils in lunches.  (Weapon Policy)
*Students should bring home readers daily and read the stories of the week.
*Be sure to practice/memorize the assigned level of math facts.  There will be a timed test on the last day of the week.
*Students should have at least 5 sharpened pencils at school.
*Kindly review daily work sent home in your child’s Homework Folder.
*You may review your child’s progress on PowerSchool. 
*Book It:  Students who the meet monthly goal and submit their completed calendar on the first school day of the following month will receive a coupon for a Pizza Hut pizza. 
*Your support and dedication are appreciated.  Thank You!

Important Dates

  • February 14, 2018 : Jump Rope for Heart due

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