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Principal: Michael L. Ruffalo
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-Dr. Julian Rogus School
Mission - Rogus School Mission is to educate children in a nurturing environment.
Vision - Rogus School vision is to create a community where children are loved for who they are and challenged to aim high.
Values - We value Acceptance, Belonging, and Community.


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This week in class


Happy Monday! Students worked hard today! They were introduced to our new high frequency words/vocabulary words, along with spelling words! We will continue to practice those all week. We also did a cold read of our new story called "Lucia's Neighborhood." In Language we began adjectives and will do several activities this week! In Math we began subtraction with pictures showing "taking away." Math tests from Friday will be coming home this week! Great job! Science we continue to work in our first Stemscope called Patterns in Space. Students seem to really enjoy it! HW: Readers Notebook page 47 and High Frequency Words Test tomorrow!


Amazing job today on our high frequency word test! So proud of everyone. Students were introduced to our skill in reading "text features". We read our story for the 2nd time and continued working with adjectives. In math we continued to lesson 2 and our science Stemscope we are wrapping up tomorrow! Homework: Math workbook page 79


We made it half way through the week! Today we worked on lesson 3 in math, modeling how to take apart. Then began social studies talking about what community helpers are. Reading, we continued with our story Lucia's Neighborhood and worked on creating a map of the places she visited in the story. We wrapped up our day with playing a verbs game for review and having a taste test with our adjectives. No homework tonight!


What a productive Thursday!! Math- we reviewed yesterday's lesson! Then moved onto our new lesson with problem solving. Tomorrow we will be working in math centers! Social Studies- we continued to review community helpers. Spelling- practiced our spelling words by playing a game Reading/Language- reviewed ABC order; continued working with adjectives! We will read "Lucia's Neighborhood" one last time tomorrow before the test! Homework: Adjectives Baggie; spelling test; reading test


Happy Friday! Enjoy the week! No homework!


Mrs. Milazzo’s 1st Grade

Classroom News

Week of September 25th-29th 


Important Dates:

Friday 9/22- Progress Reports (See Powerschool)

Monday 9/25- Star Student Isla!!!

Friday 9/29- Spelling Test, Reading Test (comp, vocab, phonics)


Our Learning:


Reading- Our new story this week is called “Gus Takes the Train.” We will focus on story structure, our vocabulary/high frequency words, along with comprehension.


Language- We will continue with adjectives this week, along with introducing students to synonyms.


Spelling- Students will learn the sound and spelling for words with short u, and consonants qu and z.  Remember that we have started challenge words! Challenge words are exactly how they sound…used for a challenge. Spelling comes easy to some children, so this is why challenge words are being put into place. It is an opportunity to learn new words to spell and use when speaking/writing. The point of the challenge list is to teach new words to those who already know the regular list of words.

Science- We wrapped up our unit in Stemscopes with Patterns in Space.

Social Studies- We began unit 1. We started focusing on Community Helpers. This week we will be doing a mini unit on Johnny Apple Seed with his birthday approaching us on Tuesday, September 26th. Please send in an apple (red or green) by Tuesday for your child to participate in our mini activity. Thank you!  

Math- Students did an awesome job working in centers on Friday and we will wrap up on Monday! In our centers, we are reviewing lessons 2.1-2.4 with the “teacher” in small group. Students are either getting a “reteach” lesson or a “challenge” lesson. They are also working in centers where they work on counting up to 120, participate in math computer games, partner up and complete “Build It” adding game with connecting blocks, and work on basic subtraction/addition. We will then move to lessons 2.5- Use pictures and Subtraction to Compare, 2.6- Hands on Subtract to Compare, Midpoint chapter Check Point, and 2.7- Subtract All or Zero.


Math Timed Tests- This week we will start our math time tests. This is for practicing addition and subtraction facts.  The children are given 2 minutes to complete 40 problems correctly.  These tests do not have anything to do with math grades!! The tests are given to help children master their math facts.  When the problems on the first test are mastered, your child will go on to the next test. If the problems are not correct or they cannot finish, that test will be given again until mastered. If you child seems stressed or upset about the time tests, please let me know! It is helpful to study math facts nightly using flash cards or computer games!


Reminders: (This week’s story “Gus Takes the Train”)


High Frequency Words:

friend     full     good     hold     many     pull


Spelling Words:

up     bug     mud     nut    hug    tub   cub    rug    shut   snug


High Frequency Words to REVIEW

all    does     here     me     my     who




STAR Results were sent home today! Let me know if you have any questions.  Our main goal for the year is to show progress.  There is a ton of information on the result sheet.  I’m happy to talk with anyone needing clarification on the information. 


Thank you for your support this year! The kids are fantastic and made this an easy transition to 1st grade! I hope, in the next month, that I will be able to get some parents in for “Special Readers.” Stay tune! J

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