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Principal: Laura C. Goebel
Assistant Principal: Maura K. Carroll

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Office Hours: 8:00am-3:55pm
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Monday 12-MATH: Monday Quiz

Tuesday 13-   

Wednesday 14- MATH: Journal due

Bring in your Valentine’s Day Box for the contest!

Thursday 15- MATH: Module 9 Assessment and WMR due

                       ENGLISH: Adjective Fashion Show

                       DARE report is due.  See page 23 in DARE book.           

Friday 16 – No School for Students!  Teacher Institute. 

**No school on Monday due to President’s Day**           

  • Current Events for Thursday are Noah and Grace.
  • Our class decided to hand out Valentine’s to the class.  There are 21 students in homeroom class, and probably the last time this will be celebrated at school! 
  • Progress Reports available online on February 15, please look at the grades! Time to improve or maintain!
  • The fifth grade is taking a field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry on March 6.  We will need three volunteers to help so send in a note in order to put your name in the hat by February 15 if you are interested.  Thanks!  Permission slips were sent home.
  • Math Journal page will be given out this week.  There are specific directions that was given out that must be followed.  Make sure your student does not wait for the night before it is due to work on it.  Please check it over because some students are having a problem explaining “why” they add, subtract, multiply, or divide. It is due on Wednesdays.
  • It has come to my attention that this year’s class do not know their math facts.  Please practice these math facts! Five minutes a night will make a HUGE difference.
  • I offer MATH HELP to my math class.  If they have questions on the homework or something that we have been working on, come in the front doors at 7:45 AM with the homework from the night before or any other questions you may have.  Also, this year, send me an email by 7:30AM if you are attending so I can meet you in the office.
  • Please remind students that if they are absent it is their responsibility to turn in the absent work to the teacher as soon as they can to get credit of it.  The District Handbook gives the number of days absent plus one more.  Many times a student may have the work but forget to turn it in.
This newsletter is posted on our classroom door.

Our newletter for the Summit Reading Class is posted below!   

A Week in our Reading Class  February 12
Monday 12:  
Tuesday 13:        
Wednesday 14: Shortened class                                                                      
Thursday 15: analogy worksheet due; Adjective Fashion Show!
Friday 16: No School – Teacher Institute Day                   
We have been studying the Civil Rights period in our history.  We are reading the novel together, Freedom Walkers.  It is a novel about the Montgomery Bus Boycott.  There has been much discussion about how people were treated during this time in history.  We will be learning new vocabulary words, and there will be a test on these words at the end of the novel.
Once every quarter students are required to give a book commercial based on a book they have finished.  Students will soon be signing up to do one for third quarter.  If the students want to, they can do more than one, but only the first one counts for the grade.  I should see them reading either the ZYLAR book or booktalk book in class.  Students will soon be writing another ZYLAR book letter to Mrs. Cramer.  Please remind students that they must read the rubric and follow examples in their folder.
Our next “Booktalk” will be an Animal Story (this is the ZYLAR book).  Students do have time at the beginning of each class to work on this.  Hopefully you will also see the packet come home.  Make sure your child does read the directions and rubric on the back page.  The due date will be February 22.  
Our English text does have a website.  It is www.eduplace.com/kids/hme. The English book is not online but there is practice for English at this website.  Now we are working on the unit on adjectives.  We also do “Caught ya’s” three times a week.  The students are also expected to be working on a monthly journal.  Look for this to come home so it is not left until the last minute.  Make sure the students read the directions because they do change from month to month.  This Monthly Journal is always due on the last day of the month that the students are in class, 1/31. Our library day is on Monday of each week. This week we will be working on an analogy page and a prefix-suffix worksheet.  The analogy worksheets will progressively get harder.  Thursday is our Adjective Fashion Show!
We will also continue learning about writing.  We have many writing tools to help us start sentences.  We have learned how to use subordinate clauses, gerunds at the beginning of sentences and infinitives at the beginning of sentences to make our writing more interesting.  Be sure and ask your student what these are.  The more they use them, the better the students will be at using them in their writing!   We will have an assessment on these.
We order from two book orders.  You may write one check combined for the order, please make it out to “Scholastic Book Club.”  If you do not, I will be sending it home and asking for a new one.  You may also order with a credit card online.  Our class activation code is GLHGR. Our next order has not been given out.
Vocabulary and word study are very important in reading comprehension.  Anytime that you get the chance to review any “new and interesting” words with your child, please do so.  We have a “Words of Wisdom” wall for these.

If you need to contact me, feel free to call, send a note, or email me.  The fastest way is to send in a note.  As you can see, we are very busy!  

Important Dates

  • August 1, 2017 : Classroom rules
    My classes have the rules that are listed below: 1. Be respectful 2. Be responsible 3. Be safe 4. Be a good citizen 5. Raise your hand
  • August 1, 2017 : Lunchroom Tips
    To help make your child's lunch time experience easier, I suggest the following tips. 1. Pack your child's lunch with extra napkins or paper towels. Students are expected to clean up their area at the tables. Extra napkins or paper towels can help prevent messes or clean them up quicker! 2. Pack a drink in your child's lunch. Some children rely on the water machine at school to purchase a bottle. Unfortunately, the machine is not always turned on during lunch hours, does not provide change, or sometimes does not take a particular bill or coin. To ease frustration, pack a drink in their lunch. 3. Pack food items that your child is able to open. For example, some Gogurt tubes, string cheese, or fruit cups can be tough. Be sure to show your child how to open them! Scissors are not available in the lunchroom. 4. Provide a spoon or straw if needed for a particular item. We do not have extras in the lunchroom. These tips were made by Mrs. Zitkus. She has first hand knowledge because she has worked in the lunchroom and keeps me informed so I can help out my Class! Thank you, Mrs. Zitkus!

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