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This week in class


Music PE Technology


Music PE




Art on alternate weeks PE


Library (Remember those books) PE



Our story for next week is called Teacher’s Pets. We will be focusing on nouns, the endings –ed and –ing, and time order words.  

The TEST will be on




We are finishing up our unit on sentences.   Our BIG (6 pages!) Language TEST will be on Wednesday .  You will see review pages coming home.  These can help your child study.



Spelling words should be reviewed/practiced nightly at home.   The test for next week is on Friday.  The words are:    spin, clap grade, swim, place, last, test, skin, drag, glide, just, stage, slip, drive, climb, price.



All students can benefit from nightly review to increase their speed and accuracy.  You may use flash cards, electronic games, computer games, timed tests, etc.  Please practice at least 10 minutes a night.  The facts to practice are addition and subtraction up to 18. 


We are in Chapter 2. We will be writing 3 digit numbers and will be using concrete and pictorial models. Students will have to use place value to describe the values of digits in numbers up to 1,000.



Our new district-adopted Science program (STEMscopes) does not use a textbook.  Students have to listen carefully and participate in class in order to understand/learn the material. Daily attendance is extremely important to be successful. Missed experiments, videos, and discussions cannot be made up.

We study scopes (similar to units or chapters) and we will begin the second scope, called Animal and Plant Dependence.



Students brought home their Soc. St. folders to study The Tlingit over the weekend. The TEST is Monday. Please leave everything in the Soc. St. folder when it is returned to school.



Monday –        Book Baggie

                        Reading ws


Tuesday –        Book Baggie

                        Math ws


Wednesday – Math page



Thursday –      Read story (test tomorrow)

                        Study Spelling (test tomorrow)


Friday -           Math page

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