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Mrs. Rachel Johnston - Social Worker  (Send e-mail)


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Hello Arbury Hills All Stars!

I am Mrs. Johnston and I am the school social worker for Arbury Hills School. This is my fifth year at Arbury Hills and sixth year as a school social worker.

As a school social worker I will help the students understand themselves and others, improve relationships, develop decision making skills and make sure they reach their academic and personal potential. I will often see the students in individual or group sessions on topics such as developing friendships, social skills, coping skills, problem solving, etc.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding social, emotional or behavior issues feel free to contact me.

P.B.I.S. (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) at Arbury Hills School.

P.B.I.S. is a school wide approach at obtaining positive behavior in different school settings.

At Arbury Hills, P.B.I.S. is implemented in the classroom, hallway, bathroom, lunchroom, at recess, during arrival/ dismissal and on the bus

Goals of P.B.I.S.:
- Teach students the behaviors we expect to see in school
- Encourage positive behaviors and interactions
- Provide a safe environment where students achieve through consistent behavioral expectations.

Students will be rewarded for their positive behavior.

Arbury Hills School's Expectations:
*Be Respectful*
*Be Responsible*
*Be Safe*

What does RESPECT mean?
- Showing people that you value their feelings by your words and actions
- Being considerate and treating people, places and things with kindness

How can we be RESPECTFUL to others?
- Using kind words and actions.
- Using manners.
- Playing fair and letting others join in at recess.

What does RESPONSIBLE mean?
- Being accountable for your words and actions
- Think before you act
- Working hard to do your best in whatever you do

How can we be RESPONSIB

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