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Miryam Zayed - Math 8th  (Send e-mail)

I will be your child's math teacher for the school year. I hope this year proves to be exciting, yet challenging for you and your child. It is a known fact that successful students are often part of a three-way open communication relationship between student, parent, and teacher. I encourage you to become involved in your child's education by taking an active role. By working together, this school year can be successful.
If you have any questions or concerns, you may reach me at the school or by E-mail. My E-mail address is mzayed@summithill.org.
Thank you!

This week in class


***See HW Page for daily assignments***

Important Dates

Module 4 Quiz

Module 3 Assessment

Bell Ringer Quiz

Downloads List

Box Method to Factor ax2+bx+c [1/10/2014]
Classroom Behavior Matrix [8/17/2011]
Curriculum Night-8th Grade [9/2/2014]
Curriculum Night-Summit [9/2/2014]
Discipline Action [8/20/2010]
HW Page [10/20/2014]
REMIND Info for Math 3rd Period [9/3/2014]
REMIND Info for Math 7th Period [9/3/2014]
REMIND Info for Math 8th Period [9/3/2014]
REMIND Info for Summit 2nd Period [9/3/2014]
REMIND Info for Summit 5th Period [9/3/2014]
REMIND Info for Summit 9th Period [9/3/2014]
Slide Method to Factor ax2+bx+c [1/10/2014]
Syllabus for 8th Grade Mathematics [8/28/2014]
Syllabus for 8th Grade Summit Mathematics [8/28/2014]

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