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Principal: Dr. Daniel C. Pierson
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Jennifer Winefka
Assistant Principal: Mr. Joseph Palicki

  School Hours

Office Hours: 7:25am - 3:55pm
School Hours: 7:50am - 2:20pm

SHJH Athletics

Schedules, game locations, team information


Club information, sponsors, and schedules

Spartan Voice

Spartan 300 is the SHJH school newsletter. It is produced quarterly by students in the Newspaper Club. Our Spartan 300 is looking for students to join as reporters, photographers, and publishers. Listen to announcements for club meetings and cancellations. This club will begin in September.

Academic Support (Turnabout)

Students may access their teachers or other peers to receive support when they need help with homework. Students may also request time with their teachers before or after school or at a mutually agreeable pre-arranged time. Turnabout is available Monday through Friday. Students may have a ride pick them up or if they have permission on file, they may walk. Turnabout is a mandatory program that students are enrolled in if they have received a failing grade for the quarter in any class.

  •   Students who fail at the quarter are notified through a letter or a meeting with a member of the admin team or guidance counselor of their mandatory enrollment in the program.
    •    Parents are sent a letter defining the program and the expectations.
      •   Students enrolled in the program that receive an F on an assignment, miss an assignment in its entirety, or fail a test or quiz, will leave the class with a pass and the assignment to call a parent and inform him/her that he/she is staying after school to redo or complete the assignment.
        •   The assignment that is brought down is left with the office staff in a folder to be given to the supervisor for the day.
          •   The secretary/clerk supervises the call and records the name and assignment in the folder.
            •    The supervisor picks-up the folder at the end of the day so the student has the assignment.
              •   The assignment is turned in the following day for partial credit.
                •   If students finish the work prior to coming to Turnabout, they are still required to stay and begin working on their homework.
                  •   Teachers supervising the session are to take attendance, pass out the assignments and assist when needed.

                    •   This is not a punishment and must not be viewed as one.
                      •    If students complete their assignment(s), they are to begin working on their homework for the day.
                        •   The teacher collects the assignment and puts back in the folder. The folder is returned to the office.
                          •   Students are only enrolled if they fail a minimum of a class.
                            •   Students can stay after for any class assignment (not just the failed class).
                              •   Students are enrolled for an entire quarter.
                                •   Students are dropped from the program when they have passed all classes.
                                  •    Students who choose not to attend as mandated, face progressive disciplinary consequences. This program is not about discipline unless the student chooses not to attend or is disruptive in the setting. The only way a student may be excused for the day is when a parent speaks with a staff member. The Turnabout assignment is made up the next school day at 7AM in the office. Students who have detentions assigned for the same day must go to Turnabout and make arrangements to make up the detention on a different day.

                                    Recognizing Bullying

                                    Bullying is deliberate, hurtful treatment that is repeated over time. It is important that every person realize that he/she has the right to feel safe.

                                    Physical Bullying Behavior Verbal Bullying Behavior Emotional/Social Bullying Behavior
                                    Hitting, punching Teasing/name calling Leaving people out
                                    Pinching, tripping Making offensive remarks Spreading rumors
                                    Kicking, pushing Making discriminatory remarks Excluding someone
                                    Scratching, spitting Insulting someone Ignoring someone
                                    Damaging/stealing property Repeated teasing Making fun of someone
                                    Throwing objects Intimidating someone Gossiping
                                    Hiding/taking belongings Cyber bullying
                                    Inappropriate texting
                                    Gender demeaning remarks