No Child Left Behind

As one of the federal government’s most sweeping changes to education in a generation, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001(" NCLB”) affects every school and school district in Illinois. The Act requires all states to measure each public school’s and district's achievement against annual achievement targets set by the state. The overarching goal is for all students to meet or exceed state standards in reading and mathematics by 2014. Each year, the state calculates a school and district’s Adequate Yearly Progress ("AYP”) to determine whether students are meeting the annual targets in the areas of reading and mathematics.

AYP in Illinois are based on three factors:
  • The percent of reading and math scores that meet or exceed standards, compared to the annual state targets;
  • The participation rate of students in taking the state tests, which must meet or exceed 95%; and
  • The attendance rates of students in elementary and middle schools, which must meet or exceed the state’s annual targets
State law (PA 93-470) defines consequences for all schools that fail to meet AYP criteria for consecutive years. Title I schools (i.e., schools that receive Title I funds) and Title I districts (i.e., school districts that receive Title I funds) are subject to additional consequences, including school choice, supplementary educational services, corrective action and restructuring.

The chart below outlines the consequences to schools and school districts that fail to make Adequate Yearly Progress.

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